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Most adolescents keep up their friendships and activities even when enjoying healthy, albeit wall-to-wall, romances.Still, it’s important to appreciate what it means for a teenager when an omnipresent relationship ends.Technology adds some new twists to the age-old roller coaster of teenage romance.Our adolescents may know more than we do about the online world, but we know more about the romantic one.Some adolescents might comfortably surf sexual education websites with their parents, while others might prefer to receive a text message from their folks (“Sharing, without comment, a site with solid info…”).

For tropes about familial love and platonic love, see Family Tropes and Friendship Tropes, respectively.Parents can address both of these fronts by talking with teenagers about pornography and by directing them to dependable online information.While books about healthy sexuality can serve as excellent resources for children and tweens, older adolescents may appreciate (or, at least, tolerate) having their parents highlight online options such as Sex, Etc., a youth friendly website sponsored by Answer at Rutgers University.The topic of teenage romance and sex has always been charged, but today’s pervasive digital technology has succeeded in turning up the wattage.Some parents have an easy and open channel with their adolescent around all things amorous while others find the subject painfully awkward and try to avoid it altogether.

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For the unconditional love felt for everyone, see All-Loving Hero.