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Labview not updating gui

I refuse to put it on my resume and will avoid any job that requires it. Matlab is not traditionally used to do real-time analysis. But still Matlab and Labview are both extending their capabilities toward each other market.The programming paradigm used in Lab VIEW, sometimes called G, is based on data availability.If there is enough data available to a sub VI or function, that sub VI or function will execute.Because my robot’s control system runs on a Lab VIEW real-time machine, I have no recourse but to add new features in Lab VIEW.

Within Frame Rate Display, the average of the picture is calculated and added to a plot.

real Video is the function you should run and Frame Rate Display is a function used by a timer object to generate a sense of fixed frame rate. To run this example you will need to have the Image Acquisition Toolbox. The second part is a timer object that launch ‘Frame Rate Display’ at a fixed interval (in this example every 0.1 seconds).

I use timer as most computers don’t have a real and regular hardware trigger available.

While I am sure Lab VIEW is appropriate for something, I have yet to find it. But my point is, I am now reasonably proficient in Lab VIEW basics and still have no idea how people manage to get things coded in Lab VIEW without wanting to tear their hair out.

There are people who love Lab VIEW, and I wish I knew why, because then maybe I wouldn’t feel such horrorific frustration at having to develop in Lab VIEW.

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