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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Most complaints of child sexual abuse in Malaysia do not lead to successful prosecutions, largely due to weaknesses in the nation’s criminal justice system, police, lawmakers and child welfare groups say.

According to classified data Malaysian police compiled and shared with Reuters, 12,987 cases of child sexual abuse were reported to police between January 2012 and July of this year.

Haziq was arrested last week and later released on police bail.

He has been sacked from his post and Reuters was unable to contact him directly.

MENTORED BY MAHATHIRMahathir, a shrewd operator who has often taken allies and opponents by surprise in a political career spanning 70 years, has been actively nurturing Azmin, who was until recently one of Anwar's closest aides.

A senior health ministry official, who did not want to be identified, said it could “make Thailand look bad”.Charges were filed in 2,189 cases, resulting in just 140 convictions.The data doesn’t show how many people were involved, or what happened in the cases where there were no convictions after charges were filed.Azmin, as Minister of Economic Affairs, is a central figure in stabilising public finances.A close aide of Mahathir told Reuters the veteran leader, who is often referred to by the honorific 'Tun', would stick to the pre-election agreement unless it was taken out of his hands by a shift in consensus within the Pakatan Harapan alliance."Tun is prepared to fulfil his promise," the aide said, asking not to be named due the sensitivity of the matter.

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Anwar and Azmin are the president and deputy president in PKR. Anwar has said it was "slander" to suggest he had anything to do with the leaked footage. Anwar was fired as Mahathir's deputy prime minister in 1998 before he was slapped with sodomy and corruption charges, souring their relationship until they formed an unlikely alliance ahead of a shock victory in last year's election."The increasingly dirty battle to succeed Mahathir will exacerbate tensions within the ruling coalition, making it harder for the government to reduce the fiscal deficit and boost economic growth," said Peter Mumford, analyst at Eurasia Group."The jockeying for power encourages politically-motivated spending rather than cost cutting."Mahathir has fuelled suspicion by shifting the timeline of his departure from the initially agreed two years.

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