Kim from real housewives of atlanta dating a woman kiss of death dating

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Cynthia hosts a school supplies fundraiser at her modeling agency, which was basically a fashion shoot surrounded by binders, interspersed with Cynthia and Kenya Moore sitting around gossiping about Will.

It’s clear they were waiting for Will to actually show up.

She managed to scrounge up something called an “energy healer” named MBele.

This nonsensical combination of consonants abusing the letter “e” is a woman whose energy seems to be the physical manifestation of how Ne Ne feels about these ladies and RHOA in general.

This combined with the forces of evil harbingered by Kim caused an energy explosion that needed Thor’s mighty hammer to zap up and shoot into oblivion.

Kim rages over Ne Ne standing them up for dinner, and Porsha has no idea what elephants are stomping on her relationship with Ne Ne.

Kim kept insinuating that Ne Ne is ‘on something,’ but Kim was the one behaving insanely. Girl is 50 and fine and just wants to get her humps on with a hot man, but all her friends can focus on is that he might be using her.

We’ll get to Wigs N Cigs’ messy mayhem in a few, let’s start with Cynthia Bailey. Maybe after years of Uncle Ben bumpin’ (or not), Cynthia just wants a little ho-ho in her life?

Sheree, though, has an elephant-sized bone to pick with Ne Ne for calling Tyrone a “con man.” Considering that he’s IN PRISON FOR CONNING PEOPLE is that really something to get feisty over, She By She Needs To Sit Down? MBele first gives everyone a personalized energy readout and proclaims that Ne Ne has a “heart of gold.” I want to know how much Ne Ne paid this woman to say that? Cynthia is not believing warnings from psychics anymore than she’s believing warnings from psychos.

Sheree actually did need to sit down – her back is still messed up and girl was rolling out of the house wearing a bathrobe paired with Louboutins. as Kandi points out Brielle is 20 and practically lives with her man, but Kim probably had to keep her phone in case the need for an emergency sexy selfie arose! She certainly has a type, though, and that type is “opportunist” (See: Thomas, Peter).

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Kim also decides Ne Ne is “mentally unstable” and “on something.” To prove it, Kim whips out that video Brielle took of cockroaches in Ne Ne’s bathroom. During the guys and gays white on rice enchiladas and hot sauce party? Also Brielle stayed in Ne Ne’s roach motel long enough to count 16 cockroaches, then snapchat them?!

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