Khole kardashian dating

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Khole kardashian dating

(Watch the video here.) Sources have told TMZ that Woods and Harden go way back — as in, back to when Khloé and Tristan Thompson were still an item.

And while those same sources claim Woods received Khloé’s blessing to be friends with her ex, other parties deny that claim, saying Khloé was never aware the two were spending time together.

Woods allegedly kissed Khloé’s ex (and the father of her baby, True) Tristan Thompson at a party.

What followed was a mass Kardashian ex-communication of Woods, who had previously been Kylie Jenner’s best friend and even lived in her house.

Following the news of Woods partying with  James Harden, there was only one question on everyone’s minds: is Khloé Kardashian’s ex Harden dating Woods?

Thankfully, sources have come forward insisting that their run-in was accidental.

But given the way things played out last time Woods accidentally got herself into a situation with one of Khloé’s exes, we’re not so sure the Kardashian fam will feel like giving her the benefit of the doubt." data-reactid="17"Say it ain’t so!

Almost five months have passed since Jordyn Gate, and now we’re being told Jordyn Woods was spotted with another former Kardashian fling.

While the public was indignant on Khloé’s behalf at the time, opinion has shifted somewhat as the shaming and perceived “bullying” of Woods wore on.Witnesses say Woods stood up and danced in front of Harden, and then took a hookah hit.Woods and Harden have reportedly known each other for a while, and have hung out in the past, something Woods claims was OK with Kardashian.Woods and NBA star Harden were seen together at Belle Station, a bar in Houston, Texas.(Kardashian and Hardin dated from 2015 to 2016, a few months before she met Thompson.) TMZ obtained what appears to be Snapchat video footage of the evening, featuring Woods and Harden smoking hookah and dancing.

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This is following the 21-year old’s kissing scandal with Khloé’s ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

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