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It’s overwhelming and will doubtless give more women the confidence to come out and get their voices heard. Yet the fight continues, and the only thing that requires purification is a culture that uses an ancient religion — one that is actually underpinned by its devotion to equality and femininity — to oppress its women.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is still being carried out in several parts of Kerala in India, including Thiruvananthapuram, even though it is being labelled a criminal offence, it has been reported.

Once there, he snatches her travel documents and residency permit and returns to the UK.

We will strongly oppose any attempt to bring such barbaric practices into the state.”Since the 14th century FGM has been custom in a number of African communities but is now banned in 24 African countries.

We must have the courage to stand up to those who perpetuate India’s patriarchy.

And that is why I was deeply moved by the sight of 5million ordinary, sari-clad women taking to the streets. An astonishing and symbolic start but a start nevertheless.

The reason behind the ire of thousands upon thousands of men, from politicians to day labourers, is that two women – both in their 40s – had the audacity to enter Kerala’s 800-year-old Sabarimala Temple after India’s Supreme Court in September lifted a centuries-old ban on women aged 10 and 50 from entering the shrine.

According to local Hindu mythology, the deity to whom Sabarimala is dedicated – Lord Ayyappa – was celibate and so allowing access to women of ‘menstrual age’ would be disrespectful.

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