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Jim sturgess dating kate bosworth

'She was really lovely.' During the shoot itself, he says, 'I felt connected and bound to her, and I would always wish I was doing a scene with Anne.When it was an Emma and Dex day I felt good about it.' Filming began in July last year, and over 10 weeks they shot in London, Paris, Edinburgh and Dinard in Brittany.Rosalee Futch 2005 Bee Season Chali 2006 Superman Returns Lois Lane 2007 The Girl In The Park Louise 2008 21 Jill Taylor 2010 The Warrior's Way Lynne 2011 Straw Dogs Amy Sumner Post-Production2011 L!

'It's only now that people keep asking me how it feels to play such a well-known and loved character that I'm starting to think, "S***, I hope I've been all right." ' We have met in a quiet pub in Camden, north London, on a rather surly June day, when the weather is contradictory enough that Sturgess is wearing a winter coat over a short-sleeve shirt.'You could take a scene,' Sturgess says, 'and find out all the details of their inner thoughts.' Nicholls counters this.Because the script loses the inner voice, 'you have to rely on the actors to give that.It was about how these people make each other better, how friendship improves them both.' And every reader wants the same thing, for this flawed and funny couple to fall in love with each other.The production team behind the film has taken no chances: David Nicholls, already a successful screenwriter, wrote the script; Lone Scherfig, who caused a sensation in 2009 with the Oscar-nominated An Education, directed; and Anne Hathaway, a bankable Hollywood star, was chosen for Emma. 'It was really important to find an actor who could be touching and appealing and attractive,' Nicholls says, 'and convey all that in a character who isn't particularly eloquent or full of self-knowledge, who at his lowest point is pretty repulsive.' That person is Jim Sturgess.

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So much so, that since its publication in 2009, word of mouth and critical acclaim have led it to be published in 31 countries and become the bestselling British novel of 2010. They meet on July 15 (St Swithin's Day) 1988, during an evening of drunken partying on their final night at Edinburgh University, have a sort of one-night stand and vow to stay in touch.

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