Issues updating xp service pack 3 computer not updating

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Issues updating xp service pack 3

Optional bootable image ready for burning on media or testing in virtual machines.

Windows XP is currently under legacy products, and since WSUS offline updates directly downloads the updates off MS, this may stop working when MS stops hosting patches, some time in the future.The poor service of the Office update team contrasts with the Windows team.Windows XP has a service pack coming and a release candidate for that is becoming available for all who need it to test and adapt.If you are talking about a single machine/hardware config, you could make an image of the system using any of the many system imaging programs, then just re-deploy the image whenever you want to do a full re-install.If you're mainly talking about Windows, you could slipstream the various updates into an updated installer disc.

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It’s worth an early warning that the Windows XP service pack will have serious consequences for more than a few programs so caution will be needed before updating.

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