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Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage, instructed Kōsuke to call back Naruto.Danzō, having other plans, killed Kōsuke to keep Naruto from returning.From the roof of the Hokage Residence, Tsunade summoned Katsuyu.Tsunade then had Katsuyu divide, seek out, and adhere to every villager so that she could tend to the entire village remotely.

While some of Konoha's forces dedicated their time to deciphering what Jiraiya had left to them, the rest of the villagers prepared for Pain's arrival.

Tsunade also dedicated what was left of her chakra to keeping the villagers safe.

In the wake of the destruction, all that remained of Konoha was a large crater, the Hokage Rock, and huge amounts of debris, ruins, and half-destroyed infrastructures.

The Animal Path, the Asura Path, and the Preta Path acted as diversions.

The Animal Path summoned a variety of creatures to draw Konoha's attention.

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