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A genuine care and concern resulting in self-sacrificial attitudes and actions to meet the needs of your spouse 2.A commitment to fulfill your God-ordained marriage responsibility to your wife or husband 3. A commitment to separate oneself from others of the opposite sex for exclusive and permanent romantic and physical intimacy "Being in love" is a phrase our culture uses for the romantic and sexual attraction that a man can feel for a woman or a woman for a man mixed in with care and concern which drives him or her to want to marry the other person.Third, romantic intimacy should not be experienced without the commitment of marriage to go with it.Romantic and physical intimacy is to be expressed only in marriage between a husband and wife.She opens her mouth with wisdom and loving instruction is on her tongue.She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle.She is not afraid for her household when it snows, for all in her household are doubly clothed.She makes her own bed coverings; her clothing is fine linen and purple.

A key question for those wondering if they have real "love" as God defines it that will last a lifetime in marriage is "Am I ready to commit myself to this person to sacrifice myself for this person, to care for and be concerned about this person, to be exclusive with and united to this person, and fulfill my God-ordained responsibility to this person for life?

Which of these two fits within the Biblical Guidelines?

They should focus on getting to know each other and relating together in a healthy way, giving their relationship time to develop and themselves time to grow in their care and concern for each other.

Where does romantic intimacy fit into these relationships God has described?

The purpose for romantic intimacy and romantic expression is for marriage and that is where it is to come into full bloom.

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She draws on her strength and reveals that her arms are strong.