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Indiana race fan dating

As of 2018, all entrants utilize 2.2 L V6, twin-turbocharged engines, tuned to produce a range of 550–700 horsepower (410–520 k W).

Chevrolet and Honda are the current engine manufacturers involved in the sport.

Penske also has five wins the Indy Car Grand Prix, held on the combined road course.Since its inception in 1911, the race has always been scheduled on or around Memorial Day.Since 1974, the race has been specifically scheduled for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.Likewise, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway itself is regarded as the world's largest sporting facility in terms of capacity.The total purse exceeded million in 2011, with over .5 million awarded to the winner, making it one of the richest cash prize funds in sports.

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Also unique is that qualifying requires the driver to complete four, rather than one, timed laps and qualifying itself has its own weekend.

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