Indian girls interracial dating

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Indian girls interracial dating

I live in New York and find some very attractive indian men here, but when i try to date them they are a nightmare for many of the reasons you mentioned. Like i was chatting with an indian man and he was very well dressed and good looking. He would ask me too come meet him at night somewhere and id be like "! Then he wanted to go for a walk somewhere and im like ..."Ummm, how about you like offer to take me on a real date? Most of the people on there are young asian and arab girls or soft looking asian boys. That was the first and last time we spoke on the phone.My school was not that diverse, I made friends but still lets say I ran into some stuff for being an Indian guy.I found out that women I have been most attracted to have been Latin for a reason but I heard that if they date out they only date Black or White guys, in some rare occasions maybe an East Asian guy.

I remember i once entered a general chat area just to see what it was like and started getting friended by all these much older arab and indian guys. I had to take that chat service off my phone because these perves would wake me up calling my phone in the middle of the night. It's a bunch of prepubescent girls on here and these guys are just sitting there hounding anything that they even think might be female!

Bernard and I never got together, but he ended up setting a precedent for many of the guys I found myself attracted to as I got older.

"I wanna join NASA," he once told me while we jammed to music in his garage.

Anyways I am 18, for the past 6 years of my life I have been in a small deep south town (you can call it a small city) where I have been basically the only Indian I know of, at least the only one that is 18.

Currently I am in community college, finished high school this past year and hope to transfer to a more diverse town for college or city for college.

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So basically I want to know interracial dating is like with Indian men in the US. I have a lot of Indian friends that date outside of their ethnicity too. My wife works at a pharmacy in the Northern Suburbs of Dallas. an east indian girl liked me at one time but i didn't go after her (should have, i was a dumbass...intimidated at the time). i'm 100% sure that interracial dating goes on with indian men in ny. The several hundred Indians in my city are traditional Hindu or Muslims.

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