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Some of the most notable of these improvements include guidance on timing requirements for Section 2 and instructions on how to complete the I-9 for employees with Temporary Protected Status, temporary evidence of lawful permanent resident status, exchange visitors, and students.

It also offers guidance on name changes, the use of agents to review employee documents, electronic storage of I-9s, and the wide range of circumstances under which a company may acquire an H-1B employee.

Though Workday comes with a number of delivered reports, they will sometimes produce misleading data because they do not account for I-9s collected before Workday go-live.

This report provides a summary for workers in various stages in the onboarding process.

For information about how Foreign Nationals should complete their Form I-9 in Workday, refer to the Work Authorization & Extending Work Authorization section of the Foreign Nationals Payment & Tax Information page.

When an employee’s citizenship status changes, updates need to be made in Workday to both their Personal Information and their Form I-9, per the following steps: When reviewing the new I-9 in Workday, you will be prompted to complete the Overdue Reason field. Then, in the accompanying Overdue Reason Other text field, enter “New I-9 completed due to change in citizenship status.” The term “stipend” refers to a payment that is made to an individual to support a training or learning experience and not a payment for services rendered (see the UW Finance website for more detail).

The process details will help you determine what is holding up the process and who should take action.

To guide employers in making the determination of when a TPS employee’s EAD has been automatically extended, the Handbook now presents a process of identifying whether an EAD is related to TPS, whether DHS has issued an extension of TPS, and how to demonstrate the verification of the corresponding EAD extension on the Form I-9.

These steps are available at pages 10-11 of the new Handbook.

On January 5, 2011, USCIS issued its newest version of the "Handbook for Employers" (M-274).

The Handbook is designed to instruct employers on the essential I-9 employment verification procedures.

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The newest version of the Handbook is the latest attempt by USCIS at tackling many questions about the I-9 process that were previously left unanswered.

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