Humor on blind dating

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Humor on blind dating

When it was done, we shook hands and never spoke again." —Rae A., 25"My date revealed he'd once taken an ex-girlfriend to the restaurant where he worked to celebrate her college graduation.

That's fine, but he only took her there because he was hoping to get a deal on a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

When the waiter charged him full price, he was so ticked off that he refused to pay the bill—and got fired because of it. I was more than happy to pay just to get out of there." —Mona K., 29"I was at dinner with a man I met online when he had one of those terrible choking fits that won't stop.

I gave him water, offered him napkins, and kept asking him if he was OK.

It was a crowded theatre, and the only seats available to him and his friends were right next to me and my date.Like, whether brunch is determined by the menu, the timeframe of the meal, all that.Then he told me my job in public relations was stupid and made me pay for the date, which lasted three hours mainly because I'm too stubborn to walk away from an argument.But he was still sitting there choking, and he actually started spitting food up onto both of our plates.He finally stopped and drank some water, then he just started to eat again! I powered through dinner, and when we walked out, he tried to kiss me.

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He looked at me and just said, ' What the f*ck?

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