How to start an internet dating business

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How to start an internet dating business

With the democratization of the internet, online dating has started by digitalizing the traditional model of the “real estate agent” with experience and professionalism.

People would put their CV online and get in touch with each other, mostly attracting adults (35 ).(2) 2010’s: The supermarket of dating.

What stroke me at that time, looking in Europe at online e-commerce platforms, was that some local players were so strong in their own market that even Amazon could not move a needle (Allegro in Poland or e Mag in Romania).In the US, dating app users simultaneously have in average around 4 different dating apps installed on their phone.The next big thing is somewhere out there…(2) On the cost part, online dating has been so far only seen as a last resort option to find your better half, something not to be necessarly proud of and thus more personal and less “sharable”.For the existing competition to Tinder or Match (in the case of Tinder, competitors like Happn, Bumble, Once, etc.) paid acquisition channels will become more and more expensive as their product is at the end not necessarily well differentiated (all using the same UX innovation introduced by Tinder) and users tend to end up going back to Tinder.I have recently had the opportunity on an assignment with Arthur D.

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They even frowned, when I dared introducing the dating industry as a market place business.

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