How long were kate and william dating Adult one2one sex talk

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How long were kate and william dating

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a lengthy relationship history that led to the royal wedding of the century back in April 2011.

The two do their best to lead a private life—limiting their children's exposure to the public and taking care to carve out private family time—but not In 2002, British magazine Hello!

Kate and William got engaged shortly after William was sent to Wales for RAF training, and the two decided to settle there (where they continued to live into their newlywed period post-wedding).

In an effort to ease the public, the couple announced that Kate was pregnant again.

In December 2014, while still pregnant with Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton and Prince William took a trip across the pond to visit New York City.

Historically, the birth of her baby brother Prince Louis would have knocked her to fifth in line, but the palace amended its outdated policy prior to George's birth, making Princess Charlotte the first female royal to trump a younger, male sibling in line for the throne.

Prince William is a male, and so cannot be pregnant.

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reported that Prince William was ditching dorm life to move into a posh flat with three college friends—one of them a "20-year-old brunette." The brunette turned out to be Kate Middleton, and their friendship turned into a full-on royal marriage.