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Home updating costs

Nothing dates your kitchen and bathrooms more than old-fashioned, worn and dirty handle pulls and knobs.There is no excuse not to update all your cabinet and door handles when it is really so simple to do, and there are so many ways to update your cabinetry.Even if your home doesn’t have a large front porch or amazing backyard patio—there is still space to be used. You can create an amazing outdoor space by starting with an outdoor rug to define a “room” outdoors.Then add a couple comfortable outdoor chairs and throw cushions, a small fire pit, some dangling string lights — Voila! If you want to get fancier you could put down some brick pavers or flagstones, then layer it with the outdoor rugs, chairs etc…Of course, this last part may require you to hire an electrician for installation, but if you’re handy, replacing a ceiling fixture is something that is not too complicated.Whether you keep it simple with floor lamps, or go all out and replace all your ceiling fixtures —modernize your home with plenty of bright lights.

Anyone who has done a major renovation can attest to the unexpected costs and immense mess that it creates.

How can you do this without tearing out walls, you ask?

Actually, making your home seem open and airy can be easier than you think.

While those who are lucky enough to enjoy ocean or mountain views may argue this fact, but even the best of views could be framed by stylish window panels.

Windows can be dressed to perfectly suit your style and taste.

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We all crave the creature comforts of a cozy, well-designed home.

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