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Highly educated dating

, indicated that both men and women on Tinder tended to prefer better educated partners — though women were far more selective.“I am a Ph D student and in my doctoral thesis I examine the impact of decisions in education on later labour market outcomes.Somewhat related, in this study I examine the impact of education level on outcomes outside the labour market and more specifically on the dating market,” explained study author Brecht Neyt of Ghent University.“It fits my doctoral thesis as it sheds light on the non-monetary returns to education.Undercover on Tinder“, was authored by Brecht Neyt, Sarah Vandenbulcke, and Stijn Baert.Elite Singles is one of the US' leading dating services for educated singles who are looking for a serious relationship.

The profiles were mostly the same, but differed in their education level, which varied from a Bachelor’s degree with three years of higher education to a Master’s degree with five years of higher education.

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On the one hand, men do not seem to be intimidated by highly educated women, which may do great things for women’s progress in the labour market,” Neyt told Psy Post.“On the other hand, no evidence was found for preferences for educational homogamy, which may have important consequences for income inequality in a society.”In other words, Tinder users were not more attracted to those with a similar educational background.

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