Haitian dating site

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Haitian dating site

These individuals lived in Santo Domingue and held a lot of local political power and had control of the militia.

These castes divided up roles on the island established a hierarchy.

The rapid rate of death of slaves during this period set the stage for the Haitian revolution by necessitating the import of more slaves from Africa.

These were people who had known freedom, some of whom had been captured as soldiers and had military training.

Under French control, slaves were brutally worked and died so often that new slaves had to be brought in frequently. these slaves were not accustomed to the ways of their oppressors and many still spoke their indigenous languages.

They were able to hold on to their traditions, making it easier for these slaves to revolt.

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Under Christophe's rule it was also possible for black people to rent their own land or work in government, and agricultural workers on plantations could make complaints to the royal administration about working conditions.

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