Gemini woman dating a pisces man

Posted by / 06-Oct-2020 19:16

The Gemini man is mystified by this – although he can suffer with nervous tension, such depth of feeling is alien to him.

Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility relies on both partners trying to meet somewhere in the middle of this emotional map.

Neither the Gemini man nor the Pisces woman wants to hurt the other, so this relationship lacks the drama and tempestuousness which keeps some other air/water partnerships together.

Instead, Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility may simply drift, until eventually the couple wake up and realize that they’re miles apart.

Sometimes, this partnership is very short lived, as the Gemini man discovers early on that he’s out of his depth, or the Pisces woman figures out straight away that she can never entirely trust him not to flirt.

The Pisces man is magnetic, oh so sweet, creative, sensitive, and a hopeless romantic.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.The Gemini woman and the Pisces man are both full of contradictions.In or out of a relationship with a Pisces man, a Gemini woman is amazingly versatile and adaptable.She is renowned for her charm and uses it to great effect.

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Gemini man Pisces woman compatibility is ever fragile, and only ever as strong as the ever changing levels of trust the Pisces woman feels.

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