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She suggests an economy car that is terrific on gas and comes with unlimited mileage.

He explains that he intends to pay cash for the use of the car.

In less than ten minutes, he leaves the men's room a different man.

At the row of car rental booths in the airport lobby, a tall hippie in a sweatshirt waits in line to rent a car.

Since most men are capable of carrying out their threats and wishes only in their heads, it becomes necessary for a man of action to step in and do what is required: a special man for whom life holds no real meaning and death holds no fear ...

A man who faces death as a challenge and feels the victory every time he walks away the winner. Other could kill only in self-defense or to protect what they hold dear.

How many times have you shared a few beers with a group of macho buddies who eventually turned the subject of conversation form women and sports to that of guns, ammunition, wars, and the killing?

and other times when the law does its part but the American legal system is so poor that real justice is not served.

In those cases, as in cases of personal revenge and retribution, a man must step outside the law and take matters into his own hands.

You will follow the procedures of a man who works alone, without backing of organized crime or on a personal vendetta.

Step by step you will be taken from research to equipment selection to job preparation to successful job completion.

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A WOMAN RECENTLY ASKED HOW I could, in good conscience, write an instruction book on murder. It is my opinion that the professional hit man fills a need in society and is, at times, the only alternative for "personal" justice.