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That show is "Queer As Folk," the most successful show on Showtime. What I think has caused so much of the controversy around this show is this combination of being about a group of gay men and women and its unapologetic use of sexuality as part of the dramatic storytelling. And I just think those are really human, human components. However, the series was cancelled after one season.Harold, if you say so, then please don't mind all the logical tidbits posted so far and by all means keep pretending you're as straight as a.

Stop repeating the Gale is straight crap unless you're able to provide some arguments to back if up. Then as their chemistry was to the point of combustion and Gale's interview answers were always 'interesting' like when he said kissing a man is more instinctual and kissing a woman is more playful. Next was a Meet and Greet with Gale and then a Special Panel which consisted of two games.Fans' money is money accumulated from their salaries, fans' time is time which is precious too.And it's because I do like him, Randy and other actors from Qa F that I want them to be as happy as they can being who they are. Any self-respecting actor would jump at the chance.She doesn't even live with the guy and they are supposed to been dating since 2006. Fanfraus who know real facts and choose not to divulge them are worst than Gale Harold himself and his straight ass facade.I'm sorry to say this, but Gale is an idiot if he hasn't pressed charges against her. The dessert was vanilla ice cream with freeze-dried red berries and served with coffee. His Ideal Man Currently, Randy Harrison is looking for a new love in his life.

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KING: And Randy is the only other actual gay person in the show. RANDY HARRISON, ACTOR: I took the part because I got it. So, you know, I was actually excited to do it and ready to do it. SHARON GLESS, ACTRESS: Well, a friend of mind sneaked me the script. I'd never read anything like that on television and I wanted to be there.

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