G dragon and sunye dating dot dating scheme

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G dragon and sunye dating

As public figures, it is the norm for the media to dig deep into their personal lives.

As idols, this relationship is also out of the norm as idols are known to have strict dating bans for upward of 3 years and are not usually in public relationships.

At this time, Jooyeon chose acting instead of going solo with her singing career.

She was cast in a few dramas as cameos and series regulars, and the surge in her career was rewarding considering the state of her group.

Reportedly, the two had been dating for a year and four months after being introduced by MBLAQ’s G. There were more reports in 2016 after the two were spotted attending the same birthday party, but these were soon denied by their respective companies.

These rumors were the only ones that could not be traced back to a real and concrete source other than those in the form of pictures, thus leading most to believe that her dating rumor with G-Dragon is the only legitimate one out of the bunch.

She signed with Better ENT to forward her career in acting, making numerous appearances in TV dramas and movies.

By 2017, she signed with Mystic Entertainment after her contract with Better ENT expired and continued to act.

YG Entertainment have officially confirmed that Big Bang’s Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin have been secretly dating for two years.

“He’s never had [a girlfriend] before.” A representative for Min, 29, was cagier, simply stating, “It’s a personal issue, so it’s difficult to say anything at the moment.” As for rumours that the couple have been together since summer 2013, the YG rep says the company still “needs to check” the information. In June 2014, they shared a sexy kiss scene in his solo music video for “1AM”, where “The Grand Heist” star Min played a former lover.

G-Dragon and Jooyeon of After School are definitely not foreign to those who have been big fans of K-pop since the second wave of idols.

So, let’s take a look at GD and Jooyeon’s relationship scandal!

Born Kwon Ji-yong, G-Dragon is the leader of the boy group Big Bang.

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The two, who are immensely popular in their own rights, caused a shock when Dispatch announced them as the first couple to be revealed in 2018.

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