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On the extreme end of this trajectory, a Gen Zer's personality and self-worth may be enmeshed in their social media and their reception -- if they get many 'likes', it gives them a 'high'.

Too many 'dislikes', and they crash, damaging their self-regard.

Whether we like it or not, urban living in the 21st century has become synonymous with cybernetic lifestyles.

For many older people, consumer technology is still regarded for the most part as augmentative; that is, something that enhances a chosen lifestyle and its tasks, functioning as an 'aid' rather than a 'driver'.

For the 'Generation Z' who have grown up using and being surrounded by such technology, however, 'personal tech' is a way of life.

Do not let their opinions govern how you feel about yourself, or how you treat yourself. Precious moments can now be stored forever, with a click.

The convenience of a digital camera in our phones has changed lives. Being able to record emergencies, accidents and incidents at a moment's notice are all advantages of a camera with video capacity which lives with you in your pocket.

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