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I didn’t see anything she asked me weather your mom is home, I said they went to shopping and she was about to leave I said come inside.She came in, I closed the door behind ask her to sit and I asked her about her husband where is he, she said he went out and we were just chatting here and there and tell her I am sorry for tomorrow I said, please don’t tell that to anyone. but I couldn’t hold it and it came out from mouth, she came near me and told me don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.she was saying why you guys drink that much that you all forget to walk proper, and I was like ya uncle had little bit too much and she asked so you think you are alright, I was like ya i am ok, then why you were touching me instead of your uncle.And I said my hand was just sleep to your back, and I explain how can I hold him my hand has to touch your body since you are to close to him and I asked did you feel bad then Im sorry and she was like no no, it’s ok.

Some of them are professional to do this act and some are passionately enjoying the hardcore fuck.I got up from bed got ready and I asked my mom if someone from Nalima aunty home(my sexy aunty name) my mom said no one call. Next day whole day I didn’t go out, my father and mother went to shopping they asked me if i want to come I said no, I stay home.Around 5pm my door bell ring, I thought my parent came from shopping, so went to open door and I saw my aunty standing front of door.These women are called aunty once they pass over to the stand ‘above 35’.this story between me and my aunty, she is married and has 2 k**s, 39yrs old, good looking nice big breast and butt, she is living in same street where I live, I go to her home all the time talk with her & her husband for hour just regular things.

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