Fighter pilot dating

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Imagine if have to pay back the costs of the license (70.000€) plus the type rating costs (20.000€) it would take ages and would not leave any money left to save.

Salary is not the same and highly depends on the company you work for.

Switching companies implied that I have to build up my seniority again.

I fulfilled the requirement of 1500 flight hours to become a captain, but I still require flight hours within the new company. Earliest time for me to become a captain is in about 1,5 years.

My net salary was around 2800€ when I started in 2010.

Before starting with the flight training I would have studied to get a degree or at least study in parallel to the flight school. I am Patrick Biedenkapp from Germany and I am a commercial pilot.

Cons: If you lose your medical you lose your license and you cannot fly anymore.

In case you did not study you are left without any education.

Pros: The captain salary enables you to have a good life.

Some of the perks your salary are tax-free, which increases your net salary significantly. Even “Pay to fly models” exist where pilots have to pay the airline to fly.

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But in the end, it is “only” a license and not an occupational education nor a degree.

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