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On the i Phone, a user can activate Face Time during a phone call by pressing the Face Time button or initiated Face Time from their call history or the Contacts application.i OS 7 and newer also provide a separate Face Time app, as there always has been on Apple's non-telephony devices: i Pad, i Pod Touch, and Mac.In addition, on devices bought in China only Face Time Audio is disabled, while Face Time Video is available.Although Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait originally disabled Face Time on the i Phone 4, they later re-enabled the feature through a carrier update for existing phone owners, and made it pre-enabled on any newly purchased i Phone.Mac models introduced in 2011 have high-definition video Face Time, which devices use automatically when both ends have a Face Time HD camera.Unlike Mac OS X's i Chat, Face Time currently does not support group conferencing but support has been announced for i OS 12.The feature is not available to run on the i Pod Touch 4th generation as the device does not support i OS 7 or later.Face Time streaming over cellular data is unavailable for the i Phone 4 and the i Pad 2., Face Time is not enabled on devices bought in the United Arab Emirates possibly due to regulations in this country that restrict IP-based communications.

Face Time Audio, an audio-only version, is available on any i OS device that supports i OS 7.0.4 or newer (i OS 6.1.6 for i Pod Touch (4th generation) as it cannot run i OS 7 due to performance issues), and any Macintosh with a forward-facing camera running On June 7, 2010, Apple announced Face Time in conjunction with i Phone 4.

Face Time Audio uses about three megabytes of data for every five minutes of conversation, with Face Time Video using significantly more.

Cellular talk time/minutes are not used after switching from a voice call to a Face Time call.

The Face Time protocol is based on numerous open industry standards Upon the launch of the i Phone 4, Jobs stated that Apple would immediately start working with standards bodies to make the Face Time protocol an "open industry standard".

While the protocols are open standards, Apple's Face Time service requires a client-side certificate.

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The application is a one-on-one video chat—only two people can talk at once.

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