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Learning Vietnamese poses a major challenge for mos...

Living expenses in Vietnam will differ depending on an individual’s lifestyle.

Being in Asia, there are lots of electronic gadgets that expats can spend their hard-earned salary on.

However, with a little financial shrewdness it is easy to live comfortably and save at the same time.

Sticking to Western food and Western restaurants will burn a hole in one's wallet as many of the food items or ingredients are imported and the government levies high taxes on these goods.

Eating Vietnamese food is cheap, tasty and definitely something to write home about.

Learning Vietnamese poses a major challenge for most expats, but Vietnam's warm, welcoming people make up for the challenge.

Those that do wish to have a private vehicle should hire a driver with knowledge of the local roads. Not only are there many Western restaurants to choose from, but there is also a huge range of great local restaurants, food stalls and street vendors that cook up amazing fare while the customer waits.Please add your recommendations in the comments section!We pinpointed countries with affordable costs of living and have five great retirement locations. It's an exciting time to live in Vietnam - with more and more tall buildings crowding the city skylines and rural areas developing rapidly as well.With an expanding labor market, growing economy and foreign chambers of commerce to provide guidance, job searching in Ho Chi Minh City is encouraging.From the museums, theaters and botanical gardens to the zoos, underground tunnels and teeming shopping markets, your life in Ho Chi Minh City will never be dull.

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When shopping in Vietnam, expats will notice that different streets sell similar goods, for example there will be a “shoe street,” followed by a “stuffed toys street” and a “TV and audiovisual street”.

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