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NOTE: The examples in the Procedure section show only two ways for the photo sync to occur. The Delve Profile page consists of three sections: the Office 365 suite navigation bar, the Delve Profile pane, and the left-side navigation pane.The user’s profile picture is displayed in all the sections that make up the Delve Profile page.Three photos are stored in the folder for each user.They contain the following fragment in the name of the file: The name of the file is the normalized user name of the user account, appended by using one of the name fragments.For example, the size code HR48x48 returns an image that is 48 pixels high by 48 pixels wide.

Learn how to get user photos that are associated with a mailbox or contact by using the EWS Managed API or EWS in Exchange. If your users like to put names to faces, your application can request an image, typically a photo, from Exchange that represents an email account.

If the photo hasn't changed since the last request, the server will respond with an HTTP 304 response that indicates as such.

This means that you can use the user photo that you previously requested and saved rather than processing a new one.

Your application can use the EWS Managed API to retrieve photos for contacts, if the contact is stored in a contact folder in the user's mailbox.

To do this, first, find the Item Id for the contact you want use.

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Loop through the attachments collection, checking the value of the Is Contact Photo property.