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Eve online character portrait not updating

The Gallente actually elect their leaders and make choices as a Republic, unlike the other races.

Gallente ships are the exact opposite of Caldari: form over function.

The Caldari praise efficiency and utility over everything else, caring nothing for such wasteful concepts as "art" or "looks" in their designs.

The Caldari once hailed from the same home system as the Gallente, but their drastic differences in cultures have at one point caused the two to war.

At one point the Amarr even grew arrogant enough to attempt an assault upon the mysterious Jove empire, but were quickly humiliated with a total defeat, allowing the Minmatar slave race to free themselves and leaving the Amarr currently weak enough to be forced upon an uneasy truce with their one-time slaves.

Their ships have a dark blood-red steel look reminiscent of Reaver ships from Firefly. Ev E Online has a wide array of avatar customizations that can help you to create the most lifelike, freakish, horrifying space doll you can imagine.

They have all sorts of bizarre almost alien-looking designs, with the general sort of black and green color scheme of the Alliance ships from Firefly.

Besides their bizarre look, Gallente ships would probably fit in well with the Federation from Star Trek--all around good at everything thrown their way.

but also very much semi-libertarians of the EVE galaxy.

The Gallente admire the Minmatar for their freedom loving ways and agitate against the Caldari and Amarr for their rigid systems of authority.

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Probably the best known example of this is Goonfleet member "Buttpipe." Apparently, the name seemed like a good idea to him at the time. Additionally, in big fleet actions with 100 ships on each side, fleet commanders often pick primary and secondary targets in alphabetical or sometimes reverse alphabetical order.

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