Evanescence amy lee dating

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Evanescence amy lee dating

"People would say to me, 'Yeah, man, I know what you're going through,' and I was like, 'No, I don't think you do,' " Morgan explained.

" 'Your ex-girlfriend didn't write a song about you, that millions of people have heard, saying you're a bad guy.

And when I got pissed off, I got really pissed off, and there are certain moments on the album that I almost didn't recognize as being us because it was kind of brutal.

But when I went into writing the songs, the label was sort of looking for 'Remedy' [from 2005's Karma and Effect] and obviously a song like 'Broken' [from 2004's Disclaimer II], and I said, 'Those songs have been written, because it was the right time and the right place to write them.

As you might expect, Morgan wasn't thrilled with Lee's public airing of the pair's dirty laundry.

For the last year, the song has "followed me around and haunted me," he said, and it chipped away at his reputation.

Your hair needs black or at least a very dark colour. Leave it in soft waves, if you have natural waves so much the better. Check out our shopping tips above: they’ll get you started on a perfect Amy Lee wardrobe.

If you don’t, try braiding your hair in 3/4 braids and leave them on throughout the night.

If you want to get a striking Amy Lee look you’ll need a couple of things to start with. We would also say that Amy Lee is the best at rocking the white goth trend.

Her voice is so powerful, she can express very deep feelings when she sings. Quite an achievement if you think about all the other hot chicks in metal and rock bands out there.

Amy Lee is also a brave entrepreneur: she owns the Fat Lee Burger chain of restaurants, a football team, the Riverside Angels, and a fashion line named Amy Lee Seduction. She has always rocked heavy gothic makeup, long black hair and Victorian style clothing. She loves long ruffle skirts, she loves layers of tulle, she adores her lace.

In retrospect, Amy and I, at our worst moments, were still better than this last girl and I at our best moments." Sonically, Morgan said the record is more balanced than anything Seether have done before and far more cohesive — thanks, in part, to the fact that the band had much more time to write and came up with more than 50 tracks to choose from.

When the album hits stores, expect it to feature at least 10 songs, including "No, Jesus Christ," "Rise Above This" and "FMLYHM," an acronym for "F--- Me Like You Hate Me." "That element of our band, as people know it, is still there, but there have been several developments," Morgan said. We tried to explore the actual process of songwriting and the process of writing songs that have good melodies that are sing-able, that lean more towards the pop side.

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"These songs are turning out to be somewhat more introspective, which is weird — you'd assume I'd be more pissed off and have more things to say," he explained.

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