Error updating the password file android samsung

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Error updating the password file android samsung

Going through this process will charge your phone and also one of the best way to get rid of the error.

Before doing this process, ensure your device is not suffering from any kind of liquid damage and charging port is completely clean and dry.

This is because if you live a humid area then moisture in air damages the charging port. Don’t Miss: After knowing the causes behind moisture detected issue, now it’s time to check out some of the best ways to fix the error.

Follow the below solutions selectively and see which one works for you.

Many users have reported that their Galaxy devices have thrown an error message of “Moisture detected”.

If this error occurs then it will not allow you to charge your device via USB port and this is a big problem.

These devices will be safe when tiny amount of water is dipped on it.

Even you can use a soft cloth to dry the port fast.

Another important and easy solution to fix ‘Moisture detected’ issue on Galaxy S10 is by .

You can use your phone’s built-in cleaner or third-party apps like clean-master lite to clear cache, cookies and unused data on your phone. If you know any other solution, you can include that in the comment box.

These days if you look at the Smartphones then almost all are coming with waterproof designs.

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So I have come up with some of the best ways to deal with Moisture detected problem on Samsung Galaxy devices in this blog. Method 2: Switch off phone and charge it Method 3: Ensure your phone is not a liquid damage Method 4: Clear data of USB Settings service Method 5: Use wireless charging Method 6: Avoid ‘moisture detected’ warning Method 7: Restart your device in Safe Mode Method 8: Change charging cable Method 9: Put Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e in rice bag Method 10: Do factory reset of your phone How to recover lost data after factory reset on Galaxy S10/S10 /S10e The best part of water resistance phones are that not even a tiny drop of water will enter into the internal part of the device and can damage it.

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