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Eroticchat info

In the majority of cases in phone chat lines, if any relationship develops then the two individuals certainly wish to meet live.

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What seemed to be a trivial play among teenage girls aged 16 and 17 years who exchanged for pure curiosity or boredom messages and photos that were getting intimate, some with a sexual background, is, however, a big problem that, thanks to the denunciation of the boyfriend of one of the "interpreters" led to the opening of a survey by the Post Police.

The facts referring to a period between May and September have occurred in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, they see well involved 63 minors who attend the same school.

As mentioned in the opening article, everything came out thanks to the boyfriend of one of the girls involved in the unfortunate episode.

The boy, aware of the problem that afflicted his young girlfriend, depressed and extremely frightened of the possible consequences of a bravado commission between "friends", turned to an Anti-pedophilia Association through which everything is done in the hands of the magistrature which opened an investigation. Nunzia Ciardi, Director of the Postal and Communications Police Service, who warns the children of any lightness that might then have dangerous consequences and unimaginable consequences.

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