Epiphone dot electric guitar dating

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The deeply resonant maple works wonderfully in combination with the body shape, to generate incredibly rich tones that are project with vigour through the gorgeous f-holes in the body top.

The mahogany centre block tempers the signal, preventing the output from becoming harsh sounding at high levels of volume - essential for those who're looking to play overdriven music.

It's the sound of half a century of rock 'n' roll, distilled to its essence, and turned up to 10.

Mc Cartney's sunburst Casino has serial number 84075, and according to.Any help in dating this guitar would be most gratefully received.The Epiphone Dot 335 electric guitar is Epiphone's immaculate rendition of the much-loved Gibson ES-335 "Dot", which has itself been cherished by fans around the world for over four decades.Married to the neck is a rosewood fingerboard, which is home to 22-frets that are lovingly adorned with traditional "dot" position inlays - where the Dot gets its name from.At the top of the neck is the traditional sloped Dovewing Epiphone headstock, carrying the 1.68" nut that carries out the task of upholding uniform string tension meticulously.

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A black pickguard protects the lower bout of the body beneath the pickguard, and around the lower f-hole.