Eharmony dating quiz

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Eharmony  dating quiz

(I confess I didn't read all the fine print as I couldn't imagine customer service not taking care of customer satisfaction.) If they were confident in their service they would give refunds if people found them to be unsatisfactory.It makes no sense that they would force you to stay in the agreement for a year if you come off their site, wish not to be presented further and not return unused funds.Why I would pay just to cancel is another ridiculous suggestion. Take a look at the rest of the reviews on this site and I think you'll see we all agree.While I'm sure e Harmony crunches a lot of data, they miss the big picture.Dear Aaron, Thank you for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear we were unable to find you matches 3 years ago.

As I logged in the first time as a non paying customer, right off the bat a bunch of entries. I had one person, I think she worked for e Harmony or was a plant, bought her dinner but this match that was supposedly matched to me HAD NOTHING IN COMMON. If you’re a woman unless you’re full of money and/or perfect be prepared to be stood up or not messaged.

I took the quiz honestly, so what would be the point of taking it again and putting fake answers just to MAYBE get more matches?

That literally defeats the entire purpose of the whole matchmaking algorithm they're so proud of. They did offer to cancel my account AFTER I pay the full balance.

I contacted customer service to see why this was happening and all they could tell me was to "try increasing my distance to 60 miles and change my age range to 22-34".

I'm sorry, but 60 miles is an extremely far distance to possibly drive ONE WAY just to go on a date with someone. I understand that maybe SOME people would be willing to do that, but for that to be the recommendation as to why I'm getting ZERO matches sent to me is ridiculous. Again, with my settings of 24-32 I'm already being sent 22-34 year olds, so expanding my base range would show me 20-36 year olds.

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I was never even told why they couldn't find any matches for me. Evidently, the good folks at e Harmony are of the opinion that people cannot change anything about themselves, even several years later.