Dynamic lookup cache not updating

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Dynamic lookup cache not updating

This makes both the target table and the Dynamic lookup cache not in sync.Example : suppose the existing value of lookup dynamic cache is 100 and when the session updates the value as 120 in both cache and target.The reverse lookup zone exists, and I can add entries to it manually, but it doesn't automatically populate.Dynamic updates are enabled for both the forward and reverse zones. This could be due to a couple of different things: 1) Are your clients obtaining IPs via a Windows DHCP Server?If so, your DHCP server may not be configured to auto-register their IP with the DNS server.To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.On the DNS tab enable DNS dynamic updates and set to "Always dynamically update..." Also enable Dynamic Update for clients that do not request updates.

However, the reverse DNS entries ("PTR" Records) are not.

If they are in the forward zone but not the reverse, then something else is going on...

3) If the issue is that your reverse zones are mismatched between domain controllers (meaning a host was able to register with one of the DCs, but the registration did not get replicated to the others) it could mean the zones themselves aren't replicating between domain controllers.

let's assume there are two records with same ID1, ID2 combination coming in.

Requirement is to load the first record as it is when there is no record avaialble in target for the combination ID1, ID2.

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However is there any way to trick the office's dns cache to update?