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What a misogynistic guy might deem "neurotic bitchiness," he praises as "magnificent."Is he a huge fan of high-heeled shoes with a pronounced disdain for flats or comfort shoes? When it comes to sex, he isn't at all enthusiastic, maintaining it "isn't his thing." Many, if not most, submissive men abhor intercourse and are often turned on by sexual rejection.This behavior doesn't mean he's homosexual or even bisexual Being physically below his woman excites the sub.

Whether it's dusting or the laundry, a submissive man will consider helping out with the housework a blissful part of his daily existence. He'll mention how women are making advances in business, politics, and leadership and seem excited, not threatened, by the fact.I learned all about female domination of submissive men (or femdom): a large, thriving subculture that's often misrepresented.Here are 13 signs he might want her to call all the shots once his power suit is off.In reality, a sub is more likely to be a fit, confident and successful professional (think: corporate executive, doctor, or attorney).Since many submissive men have high-powered jobs that require them to always be in control, they want nothing more than to relinquish that responsibility in their off-hours.

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