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He lost his clearance and was sent to the chow hall as a cook!

I was reminded again of how the NSA and it’s military agencies monitor communications when my son entered his plebe year at the US Naval Academy.

The documentation chartering the agency was (and still is) classified and the organization’s very existence was kept secret The NSA – often referred to as “No Such Agency” depends heavily on signals intelligence services in each of the military services.

Until 1979, the Air Force, of which I was a part from 1963-1975, had the Air Force Security Service.

What we’re seeing now is a struggle at the highest level, a struggle between Congress and the Executive Branch.

Declaration of Dolly Kyle Browning March 6, 1998, Paula Jones’s lawyers released, Sexual relationship with Bill Clinton from mid-1970’s until January 1992, 1994 high school reunion encounter, “I agreed not to tell the true story about our relationship” “Declaration of Dolly Kyle Browning My name is Dolly Kyle Browning.

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There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s communications were monitored throughout her term as Secretary of State and probably while she was a US Senator since she was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and would have had access to classified information.

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