Divorce parents dating effects on children

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Divorce parents dating effects on children

A divorce is usually a time filled with anxiety, confusion, frustration and multiple changes for children.Couples are faced with both the ramifications of young children and divorce and struggle to cope.While many have psychiatric issues, affecting mental health and leading to substance abuse.However, the spiral effect of divorce can be seen not only in academics but also their work and romantic relationships and marriages.More often children who may have grown up with a set of parents find it hard to adjust and cope with single parent/custodial parent post the divorce.As they adjust to the new normal, they have fractured relationships with the custodial parent mostly mothers and it puts a strain on this relationship.

Sometimes they may blame or resent one parent for the upheaval in their lives.

They also find that anxiety and depression rates are higher among children who have parents who are divorced.

For many children who have grown up seeing their parents split, remarry or stay a single parent, there are many who carry the undesirable behavioural problems right up to adulthood and beyond.

At 1.4 %, India has among the lowest divorce rates in the world compared to many other nations, but it is a phenomenon that is fast making inroads into the Indian modern society and marriage.

As per estimates with divorce rates increasing globally, around 48% of kids in American and British homes live in divorced single-parent homes by the age of 16.

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While the effects of divorce on children statistics in India are few, a few studies on kids and divorce and the cause and effects of divorce on children abroad, have proved that divorce is bad for children.

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