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Directchat com

Mark as Read: When messages are read via the chat head made accessible using this app, then they are not marked as ‘seen’ within the app.

Chat bubble, pop-up messages, unread badges, and the whole messaging UI right off the bat caught my eye here.

You can head to ‘Apps’ section in Direct Chat and tap on the app’s name to access its settings.

Here you could change the following things: Profile: The app already has a color palette defined for some of the popular chat apps such as Discord or Whats App, which come pre-applied but you are free to tweak them.

When a new message arrives, you can either tap ton he pop-up message to reply right away or tap on chat heads to open the conversation view.

The latter offers you a lot of features including the option to block/ unblock a specific user’s chat heads or set up ‘Do Not Disturb’ to temporarily stop receiving notifications, and a shortcut to open the app.

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Lock Screen: The app makes it possible for you to continue conversations directly from the lock screen via chat heads, which can be really handy but does come with its privacy concerns.

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