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Desperate dating men

Women who are considerably older than me, and obviously wanting sex, seem to give off blatant signals of interest, and sometimes even force you into a situation where you have to talk to them.Younger women don't seem to do this; they tend to have a much more carefree attitude about men.S.), and I am very ashamed of my own generation for this. Women still have it easier because no matter what age they are, they still have a vag! When is the last time you genuinely had interest in, say, a 38-year-old aside from a desperate lay when the 18-to-24-year-olds weren't giving you play? And this is the plight of the past-her-prime female.

By the time they're at that age, they most likely are single moms looking for a sucker to be the daddy for their brats.

Skip to content I have noticed that women basically seem to get more desperate as they age, and in their desperation they will often go for younger guys.

This is what I've observed through my interactions with women while out and about.

This is generally why I get along with the older red piller crowd.

I have no desire to spend money on a modern day "badboy leftover" that some blue piller would deem pursuable and wife material.

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The sad thing is that more likely than not, they still end up finding a mangina to scam.

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