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So I went to University of Ontario and then I moved to Toronto after university.When I was in Toronto, in university and even in high school I was always involved in drama and improv and student council, and I always had sort of people knowing who I was. It was just girls who throw themselves in my lap basically.We see the world in two different sort of perspectives that are both equal in their own right.What guys have to realize is that when they come in to this sort of stuff with pick-up, it’s the woman’s game.But by no means are we going in thinking “We’re going to say this and then this and then this and then this.”And so I think a lot of the times, guys have this false belief, especially very logically-minded men come in thinking, “Oh, this is the solution to my logical problem of not being able to get girls.

Yeah, and they get lost in the details and then make really bad decisions based on those things right?Nothing was official until they switched over and then I became official in early 2008.My first bootcamp or seminar that I helped out at was in 2007, so since then. I’m from the East Coast of Canada and the only reason I mentioned this is it’s because it’s a really sort of social place. Everyone kind of knows everyone in the town I grew up in, and that was always normal for me.I think there’s a lot of guys in the internet that think of the ideal way to do this.I think one of the reasons they seek us out is because “Oh, here’s this logical sort of structure I can take to pick up a girl.

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