Delphi dbgrid row cannot be located for updating 18 year old dating 22 year old

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Delphi dbgrid row cannot be located for updating

Locate(Second Row Id, 'Id', []) then begin Client Data Set1. Free Bookmark(Bookmark); end; finally Data Source1. These SQL statements can either be DDL (Data Definition Language) statements such as CREATE TABLE, ALTER INDEX, and so forth, or they can be DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements, such as SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE.Navigating through a dataset is done with the same set of methods as described in the "Behind data in datasets" chapter.In general ADOQuery component should not be used when editing takes place.The next time you call the Open method the SQL can be so different that the whole set of filed names (and types) may change.

On Windows, make sure that you have the latest versions of the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) installed.The () event handlers should look like: procedure TForm1. Form Create(Sender: TObject); begin ADOConnection1. For example to delete a specific record from a specific table you could write a DELETE DDL statement and run the query with the Exec SQL method.The (ordinary) SQL statements are executed by setting the Note that obviously creating a persistent list of field objects for an ADOQuery component does not make sense.

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The result set must contain records from a single table and it must not use any SQL aggregate functions.