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These LTRs encompass the promoter and regulatory regions and also play a major role in the transposition cycle.

Among the five major orders of retrotransposons [4], elements with Long Terminal Repeats (LTRs) are flanked by large (usually between 100 and 500 bp long) direct repeated sequences.the number of different families or clades from one superfamily in a given species or taxon); (iv) the distribution (i.e., repartition of each family, clades or superfamily among different host species or phyla).Herein we define a TE family (an element) as a cluster of related TE copies within a given genome, according to the 80–80-80 rule which has been proposed as a means to identify copies from the same TE family: two TE copies may be considered belonging to the same family if they are aligned with 80% identity, over at least 80 bp and 80% of their respective lengths [4].However, the generality of these assumptions remains to be assessed.Therefore, we carried out the first large-scale comparative genomic analysis of LTR-retrotransposons in molluscs.

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The three superfamilies of Long Terminal Repeat (LTR) retrotransposons are a widespread kind of transposable element and a major factor in eukaryotic genome evolution.

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