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Plus, "Almost 30" is self-described as a podcast "inspired the transition from [your] twenties to [your] thirties," but it's truly about so much more than that.While many episodes of this podcast focus on wellness and generally living your best life, the episodes that talk about dating and relationships are eye-opening.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you'll relate to, learn from, and cry with these couples. Jordana Abraham of Betches and comic Jared Freid bring very real talk to the dating world in "U Up?

Ogni anno promuoviamo una serie di eventi di approfondimento e incontro per incoraggiare gli studenti ad ampliare le proprie conoscenze e offrire loro ulteriori spunti di interesse e di studio da cui trarre nuovi stimoli culturali nonché idee per la compilazione della tesi di laurea.

Dokážete rozdělat oheň, vyměnit žárovku, poperete se s kapajícím kohoutkem, ale obléknout se na rande je pro vás pořádný oříšek? Na to, abyste zanechali skvělý první dojem, máte jen 30 vteřin. Poznali jste senzační holku a lámete si hlavu, jak ji pozvat na první rande?

They make you feel less alone — I’ve practically doubled my friend circle with all of the podcast hosts I’ve gotten to “know.” (Anyone?

) They distract you from boring tasks — I love a one-hour pod while commuting or doing laundry.