Dating with cold sores dating taking things slowly

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Dating with cold sores

The backs of my thighs ached, I felt like I had the flu, I couldn't wear tight pants. I desperately Googled my symptoms, hoping I'd discover I had adult chicken pox or something else, else.The next morning, I took a cab to an urgent care facility where a doctor confirmed my worst fears.I just hope I"m one of those people who if I have the virus that I'm immune to it.He only told me cuz I saw this zit on his lip and he assured me its a zit and ofcourse I was scared to kiss him but then he got annoyed that I wouldnt kiss him.If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.The other day, a friend made a nasty comment about herpes in front of me and then quickly apologized.When he did a herpes test as part of the std screening, it came out negative.

People don't lie to spare other people; people lie to spare themselves.Because HSV2 is usually genital, it tends to carry more social stigma than HSV1, Your bf told you he has had cold sores.To put this in perspective, probably around half of the people you have ever kissed carried oral HSV1, and if they didn't mention it it was either because they didn't know they carried it or they assumed it wasn't necessary to mention it. I guess I'm also a bit POed that he didn't tell me until a year after we started kissing.I remember 4 months ago I saw this crusty thing on his lip (the relationship is long distance so i see him once every 1-2 weeks so maybe that was a healing cold sore) and had I known he gets cold sores I wouldn't have kissed him since that is when its most contagious.

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A few days after hooking up with him, I knew something was wrong.