Dating whitehorse

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Dating whitehorse

Able to wow audiences with his deep-fried physique and delicious comedy stylings, he delivers humour in unhealthy proportions.

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Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory of Canada, is a major northern hub.

It is the largest community in Yukon, with more than 70 percent of Yukon's population living there.

A stand-up comedy show hotter than the midnight sun!

The Sizzler is slam packed with comedy talent from the Yukon, as well as, seasoned touring professionals.

Whitehorse is situated in the wide valley of the Yukon River, and the Yukon River flows right through town.

There are broad valleys and big lakes around the city.

He then acquired land at corners of Wheeler and Black Street on 4th, remodeled an existing building and added a showroom.

In the summer the temperature can be as high as 30°C (86°F).

In winter it will often drop to -20°C (-4°F) at night.

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In 1969, Ford of Canada sent a representative to Whitehorse to find candidates to take over the Ford dealership from Northern Commercial Company which had been selling Ford vehicles in the Yukon since 1922.

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Whitehorse has a young and active population, and the city has many amenities you might be surprised to find in the North.