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When we found out about the all-new summer stacks at IHOP, we could not wait to come in and try the sweet new breakfast dishes.

While on our way up to the mountains to drop our son off at summer camp, we stopped into IHOP on Father’s Day for breakfast.

If there is any doubt left, especially with these three shapes, then you may have to look at the decorative treatments and try to figure out the era to which it belongs.

Towards the end of 1932, HLC started using two digits for the year. Many lines made during this time also included the shape name.

(The only difference is 1932 marks won't have an "L" as the plants in East Liverpool had been closed by this time.) The marks shown below come from Orleans - a shape we know was made only in the 1930s. A "2" on a dated piece of Century has to be 1932 as the shape was first made in 1931.

The only shapes made in the early 1920s and the early 1930s are Empress, Republic, and Kwaker.

This page focuses on the dated HLC markings used over the years.

The earliest dated mark I've found is from 1912, however, I wouldn't be surprised if a piece dated 1911 were to show up.

By 1917, the cursive style lettering was replaced by typeface.

It is unfortunate this didn't continue for the rest of the 1920s, but for some reason, HLC reverted back to the single digit for the year in 1922.

Even so, you may find a few examples from 19 with "22" or "23" in the backstamp, though these are not common.

Wares from this time period offer the least amount of confusion with respect to backstamps.

It is the only decade that uses numbers for the months and single numbers for the years.

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