Dating vegaphone banjo

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Dating vegaphone banjo

Fairbanks & Cole:1880-1890: 1000/yr Fairbanks&Co: (Note Some of these banjos also have Fairbanks & Cole double stamped):1890: 0-9991891: 1000-19991892: 2000-29991893: 3000-39991894: 4000-139991895: 14000-14999Metal Nameplate Introduced1896: 15000-159991897: 16000-169991898: 17000-179991899: 18000-18999 Banjotrader, I think this is a fabulous idea, and I hope you have gtreat success with it.

I'm sure there are some reciepts out there, and it would be wonderful to know just how accurate/inaccurate some of the existing information is.

(Aug-Sep 1922) - Vega Company also filed all trademarks of "VEGA" / "TU-BA-PHONE" / "WHYTE LAYDIE" - [ US Trademarks 164,845 / 161,709 / 161,708 respectively filed in Apr 1922 and Registered Nov 07 1922 ] Registrations Numbers: 161328 / 161329 / 161330 ( The first use claims are a little generous I think, but do support other known facts re: 1889, 1890, etc...

- This time frame provides some possible insight to the advanced notice David L Day provided to Carl Nelson that he was leaving Vega for the Bacon Banjo Co. His exit is thought to have propelled Carl Nelson to Trademark everything.

For example, the Pierce Piano Atlas, which reputedly used information directly from piano companies, is rife with errors. I suspect you may have the same concerns of the '23-'32 data fluctuations, and then the straight decline.

I presently own a Chickering piano which is listed in the atlas as being produced in 1914, even though the factory date stamps show it as being made in 1907, and on my tuning and rebuilding jobs I've encountered many other instruments with date stamps and signatures that didn't jibe with the dates Bob Pierce had collected. I have 2 bills of sales so far, one does not fit the model at all..

In the early-'60s a printer's error on the serial labels dropped a digit -- and screwed-up the consecutiveness of the numbers.

(The Vega order and shipping records have not turned up, either.) Britt Thank you for all your information.

I am still trying to assimilate information about this wonderful instrument.

After the fire, Vega bought the rights to Fairbanks, and hired Fairbanks' Manager, David L.

Day to continue managing the line of Vega-made "Fairbanks" banjos.

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I find the more I know of its history the more I am drawn into it.

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