Dating tips for guys

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Dating tips for guys

In fact, it's a lot like a campfire: once you've gone through all that work to get it started, you just have to stoke it occasionally and throw a little wood on from time to time.

Oh, and don't forget that you need to keep yourself in shape and sexy, not only for her, but for your own self-esteem.

Photos aren’t the only thing that are going to encourage women to swipe right, but they are an extremely important part of creating an effective profile.

Your image is going to be the first thing that women see, so you need to make a good impression from the get go.

Polarity, which means having distinctly separate behaviors, is necessary for there to be a charge of attraction - just like in a battery.

The primary reason for this is that women judge your confidence level by your ability to stay in control of your emotions.

Once you get the hang of how to meet women and attract women, the next step is how do you KEEP her.

Of all the dating tips for guys I discuss, this one is the one most guys are most embarrassed to ask - but EVERY guy wants to know.

So even though you must keep your cool, as I discussed in the first dating tips for guys secret, you also need to be able to put your foot down and be firm when necessary.

The key is to choose your battles instead of being drawn into every conflict. We don't like a lot of turbulence and chop in life's ocean.

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It's the core essence of what I call being the "Alpha Man." The most attractive thing about men for women is that we are *masculine* - which means we're guys.